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Student clubs are created at the Institute with an objective of helping students to pursue their hobbies and interests and to bring them together and giving them Networking opportunities. Club members develop bond among themselves by sharing interest, experience and learning which help them in their career growth.

Special Interest Clubs help in sensitizing students so that they take care of needs of the society and nation. These clubs are managed voluntarily, the members of each club ensure that the participation in their area is maximum and qualitative and their efforts are towards clinching the club of the year award which is announced every year on Annual Day Celebrations.
Drucker Club(The Marketing Club)
Named after the legendary Sir Peter Drucker, this club is aimed to create awareness about marketing essentials and developing marketing skills in students through various activities like extension lectures, case study workshops, quiz competitions, live projects and role plays to name a few.
Taylor (The HR Club)
The Human Resource club provide a platform to discuss issues, articles, current topics and conduct workshops, arrange interaction sessions with visiting faculty panel discussions and presentations on various current HR issues for training and development of students.
Sensex (The Financial Club)
The club aims to make finance an enjoyable subject and enable students to make it as a career choice. The club provides platform to students through workshops and extension lecture on current issues like budgetary changes, new govt. policies, market structure and market determinants to name a few.
Chanakya (The Thinkers Club)
It is the thinkers club of DAVIM which strives for continuous improvement in the organization. It mainly focuses on the idea generation, brainstorming, debates and panel discussions on the issues that lead to the overall development of the organization. This club also provides a lot of support to other clubs in improvising their system and functioning.

Pascal Club
The name itself specify, it is the club of the programmers. It encourages the students to take initiative to learn and grasp new and old language programming. The club also organizes training programs for the students as well as external customers frequently.

Open Source Club
This club is basically the backbone of all the learning clubs. Open Source Club regularly interacts with the industry as well as students for the live projects. Also the members are involved in taking up many online open source code projects.

Information System Club
This club is involved into knowledge and information management. It keeps the students updated with the latest developments in the field of IT industry. It also organizes and participates in many technical festivals across the country.
Intel Club
The club mainly attracts the members who are interested in the field of hardware solutions along with an integration of the software solutions.

Cultural Club
We, at DAVIM believe that Extra – curricular activities play a crucial role in students’ personality development by helping the students to promote skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Being involved in extra – curricular activities allows the students to learn the importance of being dependable, responsible, and trustworthy and the importance of teamwork which are the most essential values for being human. Students get benefitted from such activities as they can easily cultivate their creativity, learning ability, expression and collaboration.

At DAVIM, Extracurricular activities are harmoniously blended with the academics, which help the students in time management and art of prioritizing. These formal and informal, tangible and intangible, professional and amateur, artistic and cultural activities constitute a community’s cultural assets. The institute provides a vibrant platform to the students to grow their talents in multiple fields like Literary, Fine Arts, Theatre, Music vocal and instrumental: both classical and contemporary. Further, the students are provided an opportunity to participate & showcase their talent in Inter College, Inter State and University level festivals. Students participate and show a lot of enthusiasm in the celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day, Teachers’ Day and Foundation Day of the institute.
Arya Club
To do good to the whole world is the main objective of the Arya Samaj, that is, to improve the physical, spiritual and social well-being of all mankind. Arya club promotes this philosophy. Members of Arya Club always get ready to participate whole heartedly in the activities for the societal well being. Performing Havan regularly is also the prime activity of this club.
Sarfarosh- The Patriots Club
The motive behind establishment of this club is to spread the feeling of nationalism among the youth. The club conducts activities which promote national values and thus helps in creating a good and responsible citizen. The club’s functions are taken care of by BBA, BBE and BBA (II) Department along with the student volunteers.
D: PRAYATAN: The Social Commitment Clubs
Centre for Environment
DAVIM Centre for Environment, set up in the year 2008, accepts its obligation to comply with all relevant legislation and minimize the impact of human footprints on the planet. The centre focuses on Education about environmental issues, Minimizing waste, Monitoring of Energy Consumption, Steadfast commitment to preventing pollution and continuous afforestation through activities like Sensitization Seminars, Tree Plantation Drive, Sapling Distribution, Commemoration of Earth Day, Ozone day, Eco-Friendly drives, Nukkad Natak to create awareness for environment protection etc.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Centre
The CSR centre aims towards the welfare of society. The projects undertaken by DAVIM CSR centre includes creating awareness about diseases like Thalassemia and Polio by holding free health check-up camps and blood donation camps, by “Nukkad Natak” and seminars, and awareness rallies for Road Safety to help Faridabad Police in creating awareness for traffic rules, various fund raising events and welfare activities of different NGOs of Faridabad all round the year.
Rotaract Club
DAVIM Rotaract Club has been established in association with Rotary Club of Faridabad. The Club consists of team of student volunteers who work for the society to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto of Faridabad Rotary Club “Service Above Self “.There are around 75+ student members who have successfully registered themselves in the club.
These clubs help students to transform into globetrotting future leaders, because it is all about paving the way for the next generation of leaders in their chosen area.