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" Ordinary People Performing Extra Ordinary Feats "

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DAVIM provides a range of Business Management and IT career focused programmes, ranging from UG TO PG where students can choose to study. It provides state of the art facilities and our team of academic teaching and support staff have a real passion for all aspects of learning and development. The StudentWelfare Department (SWD) looks after the rights of the students and supervises the welfare activities in the campus which play a significant role in their career building.

The Student Welfare department also functions as a centre to promote cooperation and fellowship among students on campus and off campus. It is actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students. Taking into account the change of environment and socio economic diversities against their cultural relativism, it provides them facilities to articulate their creativity and aspirations which lead the delivery of a student engagement strategy that drives improved student experience at the campus. The aim is to shape students into social assets, making them responsible citizens along with their academic accomplishments.