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Message for teacher's Day 2022.

Dear Teacher,

I happily join you in celebrating Teachers' Day in memory of the great philosopher, thinker and teacher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan, former President of India. On this day, I honour and express my gratitude to all my teachers, specially the DAV teachers, and tell them that I am truly blessed because of their presence in my life. The old Urdu couplet so aptly describes my DAV teachers.

सीखना मुशकिल है,जुस्तजू चाहिए;
सीखाना और भी मुशकिल है,
खाख़ में मिटने की तमन्ना चाहिए।।

You genuinely burn themselves so that the lives of your wards, the future of India, is illuminated. My gratitude and regards to every teacher.

The DAV, since its inception on 1st of June, 1886, has been busy in the process of complete Man-making. It develops in its wards equal strength in both their aspects - Material & Spiritual. Thus making every product of DAV a balanced personality with both the IQ and SQ at the same level. This empowers him to lead the world whether it be from a Corporate Board room, the sports field, or the political arena in a just and ethical manner.

Dear teachers, today, when the threat of war looms over the world, when the ugly face of terrorism shows up every now and then, when man shamelessly shows off his bad character and gets away with it, when the man-on-the-street prefers whisky to wisdom, the process of Man-making must not only carry on, but must be given all the priorities and preferences possible. For this DAV depends on its teachers. It should be the endeavour of every teacher to make his student aware and respect the rich culture and heritage that each one has inherited, thus inculcating “Desh Bhakti”. This will make each one “Proud to be an Indian”.

Dear Educators, have a great Teachers’ Day. While enjoying yourself, please do not forget to take necessary precautions to avoid the dreaded disease COVID 19. Wear a mask and use sanitiserfrequently. God Bless !

Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee,
and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha